Yes, you heard this right. Mozart Finance just became first and only farm without team tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

You heard or you have not that there’s been a minor issue in our code regarding rewards per block and harvesting Melody staking pool.

We reacted fast and issue has been fixed! How? Well, the issue was:

uint256 treasuryReward = melodyReward.mul(8).div(100);
uint256 contractReward = melodyReward.mul(92).div(100);, treasuryReward);, contractReward);
pool.accMelodyPerShare =pool.accMelodyPerShare.add(

Only blockchain developers will understand this. Long story short, potential issue was that 8% of the rewards will not get into the melody pool. …

Presale was a big success! We reached hard cap (950 BNB) in approx. 10 minutes. Big thanks to our community for the huge support.

95% of the presale funds are locked on Dxsale locker, this happened automatically after the presale was finalized. You can check locked funds here — it’s locked for 1 year to actually show you that we mean serious.

Here are some important information that you need to know before joining our project. Please do your own research.

How to buy Melody tokens on pancakeswap?

Simple. Melody is now listed on pancakeswap. Please use this link to buy it:

1️⃣ Click on I…

Dear Symphonists,

As you already know, we are trying to be as transparent as possible and because of that, we encouraged you to check our contracts on testnet in one of our previous articles.

We are very glad that 11 community members have reached out to us and no bugs were found. There was just one minor improvement. Therefore, here is THE MELODY contract on the mainnet and you can compare it with the contract on testnet:

MELODY contract mainnet:

MELODY contract testnet:

Symphonists chose the auditor!

The survey about the audit company is finished. The community voted…

We’re proud to announce a partnership with The Influencer Marketing Factory as our lead influencer marketing partner.

The Influencer Marketing Factory LLC has a proven record of successful influencer marketing campaigns with authentic and native storytelling. Some of their clients are Amazon, Google, Warner music group, SnapChat, Sony, Bud light, Hilton, Benq, UniCredit and many more. You can learn more about The Influencer Marketing Factory here.

We’re incredibly excited for this partnership to push Mozart Finance further into the mainstream awareness, and we look forward to sharing more information about the cooperation as we progress.

A quick reminder, you can join MELODY presale on 9th of May (more info).

It’s now official!

Presale will take place on 9th of May (Sunday) at 6pm UTC time.

Once again, 95% of the presale funds will be locked immediately to liquidity and 5% will be used for marketing purposes.

Our lovely community choose to hold the presale on Dxsale. We have tested the site and everything’s set.

Presale will end on the 10th of May (Monday) at 8am UTC time. Yield farms will commence on Tuesday afternoon/evening (UTC). Exact time will be announced as we need to test everything before launch. …

Dear Symphonists,

it’s testing time!
If you read the article where we introduced the MELODY token, you know that we emphasized investor safety and project longevity are key goals in v2 of our project.

Let the bug hunt begin!

That’s why we have decided to give our lovely community a chance to check our smart contract before we deploy them. This is our first ‘community check’ and it surely isn’t the last one! We plan to do this before the deployment of each and every smart contract — as transparent as possible.

Here are the links to both of the contracts:

MELODY contract:


Dear Symphonists,

As we’ve been writing in our previous article and all of you already know, PIANO had an unfortunate event. Because of that, we want to partially compensate those who believed in our project.

In the following article, we will present you the methodology of calculation for the airdrop amounts. Unfortunately, we can immediately say that the system is not perfect and not everybody will be satisfied, but it is our maximum what we can do in accordance with the possibilities and fairness. …

Melody is the essence of music.” is a famous saying by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As announced in our previous Medium article, the next step in our musical journey is the deployment of MELODY token.

Introducing MELODY

As we are getting closer to MELODY deployment, we’d like to present you some of the key MELODY features. Also, we’d like to address the airdrop and announce the MELODY presale our community has voted for.

First things first, here are MELODY tokenomics:

Dear Symphonists,

First of all we want to say a big thank you to you all for your patience and for bearing with us while we dealt with the various difficulties, as you all know we had an unfortunate event on 5th of April. The whole situation was explained in our previous Medium articles (First statement, Second statement). As of now, the exploit is being investigated by the Binance’s security team.

In the meantime, our team has actively worked on processing the collected data from PIANO investors for the MELODY airdrop, we have rebranded the project and are preparing for…

Dear Mozart community,

The purpose of this document is to address the major questions asked by the community regarding the attack on Mozart Finance on April 5, 2021, in addition to clarifying the v2 token (MELODY) launch and airdrop process. We want to thank our community and partners, who have been very supportive, as we work through the relaunch process. We’d also like to thank our security partners for their help, notably Vimerco, who were instrumental in helping us navigate through this crisis.

  1. What happened on April 5th?

The contracted solidity developer built a minting function into the deployed PIANO…

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