Dear Symphonists,

it’s time to bring you something nice on Melody side. It’s been a month since we updated Melody farming pairs. Today, we are bringing you some news!

VIOLA/MELODY — Multiplier 10x — fee 0%
VIOLA/BUSD — Multiplier 5x — fee 1%
VIOLA/BNB — Multiplier 4x — fee 1%

Dear Symphonists,

We finally bring you all the details about the eagerly awaited $VIOLA token that will upgrade the Mozart Finance ecosystem alongside the $MELODY token you’re all familiar with.


Ever since our team presented $VIOLA as a potentially great added value to our project, our…

Yes, you heard this right. Mozart Finance just became first and only farm without team tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

You heard or you have not that there’s been a minor issue in our code regarding rewards per block and harvesting Melody staking pool.

We reacted fast and issue has…

Presale was a big success! We reached hard cap (950 BNB) in approx. 10 minutes. Big thanks to our community for the huge support.

95% of the presale funds are locked on Dxsale locker, this happened automatically after the presale was finalized. …

We’re proud to announce a partnership with The Influencer Marketing Factory as our lead influencer marketing partner.

The Influencer Marketing Factory LLC has a proven record of successful influencer marketing campaigns with authentic and native storytelling. Some of their clients are Amazon, Google, Warner music group, SnapChat, Sony, Bud light, Hilton, Benq, UniCredit and many more. You can learn more about The Influencer Marketing Factory here.

We’re incredibly excited for this partnership to push Mozart Finance further into the mainstream awareness, and we look forward to sharing more information about the cooperation as we progress.

A quick reminder, you can join MELODY presale on 9th of May (more info).

Dear Symphonists,

it’s testing time!
If you read the article where we introduced the MELODY token, you know that we emphasized investor safety and project longevity are key goals in v2 of our project.

That’s why we have decided to give our lovely community a chance to check our smart…

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