Presale was a big success! We reached hard cap (950 BNB) in approx. 10 minutes. Big thanks to our community for the huge support.

95% of the presale funds are locked on Dxsale locker, this happened automatically after the presale was finalized. You can check locked funds here — it’s locked for 1 year to actually show you that we mean serious.

Here are some important information that you need to know before joining our project. Please do your own research.

How to buy Melody tokens on pancakeswap?

1️⃣ Click on I understand check box and press continue.
2️⃣ Choose how many tokens you want to buy.
3️⃣ Click on swap and wait until transaction is confirmed.

If there’s any problem with your transaction, make sure you:

1️⃣ Have enough BNB tokens in your wallet to pay for the fees.
2️⃣ Are connected to BSC network with your wallet.
3️⃣ Changed slippage to 0,5% or 1% to get transactions through. (click on settings while on exchange).

When will farming start?

First, we will publish website somewhere around noon (approx. 8 hours earlier). The website will be live so it can be tested, everyone will be able to stake, unstake, check APR’s percentages and prepare for farming in the evening.

To prevent whales dumping in the first few days we will add only native tokens without any fees. That means you will be able to farm melody against bnb, busd, eth, cake & usdt. Other farming pairs will be added after a few days. There will be also melody staking pool with tasty rewards.

How safe is Melody token?

Melody token contract:
Masterchef contract:

Melody token ownership is now transferred to masterchef contract meaning that nobody can do anything malicious with the contract. If you still have any concerns, feel free to wait for our audit, it should happen within 7–10 days as Hacken gave us the date.

What about airdrop?

If you claim airdrop, you will immediately pay 30% fee that will be used as rewards in round 2 for those who don’t claim their tokens in the next 4 weeks. After those 4 weeks, depending how many wallets claimed their tokens, hodlers that didn’t touch them will get juicy reward. It’s up to you if you want to claim them or not.

Airdrop will be available for claim when farming starts at 6pm UTC!

Where can I check the Melody price?

For now you can use a few decentralized providers to check our token price, here is a list of few:
Dex Guru
Dex Tools
BSC Tools

We can almost hear those sweet MELODY farms from here, we’re so close. Just a few more hours and our symphony begins.

Stay tuned, stay classy!