It’s now official!

Presale will take place on 9th of May (Sunday) at 6pm UTC time.

Once again, 95% of the presale funds will be locked immediately to liquidity and 5% will be used for marketing purposes.

Our lovely community choose to hold the presale on Dxsale. We have tested the site and everything’s set.

Presale will end on the 10th of May (Monday) at 8am UTC time. Yield farms will commence on Tuesday afternoon/evening (UTC). Exact time will be announced as we need to test everything before launch. Keep in mind that we could delay farming launch for a few hours that’s why we cannot give you exact time just now.

Symphonists get to choose the auditor!

There’s an ongoing vote about the audit company that will audit our new MELODY token. Currently, Hacken is in the lead. When the voting finishes, we will publish estimated time of audit completion communicated from the company’s side (we expect 2–4 weeks).

You checked it — we deploy it!

After the successful ‘community check’ of both MELODY token & airdrop contracts, we are ready to deploy them on the mainnet. Our community will be able to confirm that the same code is deployed as it was on testnet. We will also do the same for farming smart contracts before launch so everything is transparent.

Meanwhile, we will do a lot of marketing activities to get the initial push. Alongside our ongoing advertising activities, we just arranged a cooperation with a big influencer agency from the USA. You can also help us to get the reach!
When you see our post on Twitter or Reddit, don’t forget to smash that like & share button.

Melody airdrop will not be sent to wallets, you’ll have to claim it on our website.

There was a big community concern that people will just dump airdrop tokens so we have a solution — There will be 2 stages of airdrop!

First stage will be on farming launch, you’ll be able to claim airdrop tokens for 30% fee.

How will this work? Well, if you want to use airdrop tokens within the first 4 weeks, you can but you’ll have to pay a 30% fee that will go back to the same contract. Those 30% will be airdropped as a special reward to strong airdrop hodlers that will NOT claim the tokens in the first 4 weeks!

Second stage will be after 4 weeks. Strong hands will get rewarded from other participants that claimed airdrop tokens. So, in other words you’ll have to calculate what is a better option for you — claim & farm with juicy APR or not claim and get a big reward later.

Everyone gets to choose for themselves.

Airdrop tokens will not be locked, after you get them, you can do whatever you want with them but in airdrop case, you’ll have to pay the fee or wait, become strong hand & get rewards after.

We can almost hear those sweet MELODY farms from here, we’re so close. Just a few more days and our symphony begins.

Stay tuned, stay classy!