Team tokens - no more

Mozart Finance
2 min readMay 12, 2021


Yes, you heard this right. Mozart Finance just became first and only farm without team tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

You heard or you have not that there’s been a minor issue in our code regarding rewards per block and harvesting Melody staking pool.

We reacted fast and issue has been fixed! How? Well, the issue was:

uint256 treasuryReward = melodyReward.mul(8).div(100);
uint256 contractReward = melodyReward.mul(92).div(100);, treasuryReward);, contractReward);
pool.accMelodyPerShare =pool.accMelodyPerShare.add(

Only blockchain developers will understand this. Long story short, potential issue was that 8% of the rewards will not get into the melody pool. With fast and generous reaction Mozart team decided to save the project and we gave up the team tokens.


What this means devadress is now MASTERCHEF address to compensate 8% of missing rewards that were going to the team!

Next time when you think developers are dumping on you, think again, that will be impossible. There were other solutions such as redeploying or migrating the contracts but we did what will hurt only us and not you, our community. We have proved our community is on 1st place of priorities.

Without further ado, big thanks to “The rug doctor” and “BSC Gemz” that warned us about this issue!

Stay safe, stay classy!